Data Rights Infrastructure
for the Internet

QueryLayer empowers Legal and Engineering Teams to build Plug & Play, Automated and Scalable Privacy Operations.

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GDPR Data Rights - Delivering Compliance, Operational Efficiency and Trust.

Why Leading Businesses build Data Rights Capabilities from Day One.

Technology-driven Compliance

Whether you are a Startup, ScaleUp or Enterprise, having Data Rights capabilities is a must and reduces average cost of DSR execution by up to 90%.

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Scalable Privacy Operations

Data Subject Request can be fully automated no matter how complex your data stack is. Save hundreds of hours for your Legal, Customer Support and Engineering teams.

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Trust Engineering

Digital consumers are more privacy aware than ever. Build a relationship with your customers based on trust and transparency.

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Our Product

Building efficient scalable DSR workflows has never been easier.

Apply process templates and best practices that we have defined together with leading European Scale-ups.

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Automate Data Access and Erasure Requests in SaaS tools using our connectors.

Deleting data in your CRM, Marketing Cloud or Customer Support systems manually? Now you can do it precisely in milliseconds.

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Data Rights API that bridges the gap between Legal and Engineering

Finally Engineering Teams can integrate in-house applications  into Access and Erasure Requests flow in a matter of minutes. No more struggling with legal requirements and from scratch implementations.

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Fully Branded and Self-served Privacy Center for your Customers

Your customers care about how you manage their data. Show them that you are a Good Data Company and increase their Trust in you.

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Technology-Driven Data Privacy For:


Our Data Rights Infrastructure helps Engineering teams support scalable automation of processes. Automating execution of customer requests within your application stack  does not have to be painful. We have done it dozens of times for Fortune 500 Enterprises.


Global privacy legislation, retention policies, growing complexity and dynamic changes related to data management are only some of the pains Legal Teams are facing. We bridge the gap between legal and engineering teams.

Customer Success

DSR Management usually starts with Customer Support teams. Our platform helps them to focus on customer satisfaction without the need for privacy expertise. We  streamlines the DSR process and automate decisions. Helping efficient communication with Legal Teams.

Don't know where to start?

Access DSR best practices defined together with leading European ScaleUps.

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