Query Layer.

Full control over sensitive customer data.

Query Layer discovers sensitive information, classifies it and provides simple workflows that allows you to take full control over data treatment and storage.

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QueryLayer connects to your customer-facing applications & other services and scans for unattended sensitive information left by your visitors. Our platform protects such information from unauthorised use and supports your efforts towards compliance with GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, and LGPD. QueryLayer does not store or track any sensitive data and secures all communication using advanced encryption standards.



Our deep learning-based classifiers are trained on massive volumes of data to yield high accuracy. Unlike traditional methods, we consider the context surrounding a given token in order to accurately classify it. This means QueryLayer performs well on unstructured and ambiguous data, which is increasingly common in enterprises today.


With the proliferation of cloud SaaS and data infrastructure, sensitive data sprays across third-party services at an alarming rate. By automatically discovering & classifying sensitive data, you get the ability to easily manage and remediate instances of sensitive information within your organization, and reduce the likelihood that this data is compromised by malicious or inadvertent activity.


Our Features

Why Choose Us?

Compliance automated

Remove manual data discovery steps in your process to be compliant. We provide automated workflows. 


Integrate in minutes with cloud services via APIs to monitor data. No costly setup or on-boarding process. 

Immediate Responses

We are your off-site sensitive data management team. We partner with you to manage your data across cloud services. 

Safe & Confidential

Setup automated workflows to delete, alert and more - making sure your always tracking sensitive data. 


Chat bots and data liability

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