Self-Service Data Access with Automated Privacy Control

Innovate. Responsibly. The unified data platform for the world’s most secure organizations. Easily connect and control your sensitive data for analytics and machine learning.

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Partnering with Bankia, Spain's fourth largest bank, QueryLayer is being piloted to provide scalable, no-code self-service data access for business intelligence operations and a single interface for legal teams to implement global policy enforcement.

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Comply with the world’s strictest data regulations.

Companies around the world are facing two conflicting pressures: the need to collect and distribute more data and the need to implement more stringent privacy and security policies. QueryLayers’s creates one single, intuitive place to manage all data.

  • State of the art privacy technology
  • Build data access rules in plain English.
  • No need to move or copy your data
  • Apply differential privacy to any data

“Accelerating Privacy Regulation” was named the #1 risk among executives surveyed for Gartner’s Q1 2019 Emerging Risk Monitor Report.