Query Layer

Query Layers uses machine learning to identify business-critical data, like customer PII, across your SaaS, APIs, and data infrastructure, so you can manage & protect it.

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Try our PII detection API

Our API helps to ensure sensitive text is properly managed and governed. It provides fast analytics and anonymization for sensitive text such as credit card numbers, names, locations, social security numbers, bitcoin wallets, US phone numbers and financial data. Explore full capabilities here.

Inspect your data

Inspect your data,
wherever it lives

Via REST API, programmatically get structured results from Query Layer's deep learning-based detectors for things like credit card numbers, API keys, and more.

For developers, by developers

For developers,
by developers

Integrate with just a few lines of code. Seamlessly add data classification to your applications & workflows using Query Layer's modern REST API.


Best in class accuracy

Deep-learning based detectors go well beyond regexes, rules, and search strings so you can make sense of your data without the alert fatigue.

Use cases

Build better data security & privacy into your business processes and applications.

Financial Services

Secure PII like bank account numbers and social security numbers.


Detect PHI to ensure HIPAA compliance in your apps.


Prevent costly data breaches that can damage your brand reputation.

Data infrastructure & processing

Defend key data like API Keys, your application UUIDs, and more while working in the cloud

Customer support

Respond to customer support requests while shielding data like IP addresses from exposure or loss.

Internal apps

Create custom solutions to detect, classify, and protect sensitive data inside your own apps and infrastructure.


Address data privacy & compliance obligations with ease.

We provide infrastructure & tools that automate user data privacy management.


Enterprise-grade security to keep your data safe.

We never store or track your data. We only store non-identifying metadata to improve our predictive accuracy.

  • TLS and AES256 encryption.
  • Fully hosted via Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform.
Developers First

Start today with the API for data privacy.

Learn how Query Layer can help you work with sensitive data.