Deliver Transparency and Trust.

We believe data privacy is a right. Your customers probably do too.

Query Layer is data rights infrastructure to enable companies to offer their customers control over their data.

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Subject Access Requests.

Run access and erasure requests on personal data through cloud applications or internal backend systems. Easily connect custom workflow logic via API or intergrate manual processes via email.


Empower your users via a branded Privacy Control Center.

Receive requests, authenticate users, send email receipts, and generate response reports all via a beautifully branded privacy control centre.


Keep your user data private.

We aren’t interested in seeing user data. Query Layer brokers an end-to-end encrypted channel between your customers and their personal data in your systems.


Start with seamless integrations.

Query Layer integrates seamlessly with the tools you use every day. So no matter where personal data is sitting, we can automate data subject request (DSR) fulfillment.

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Query Layer for Data Access Requests

Automate data rights fulfillment and let Query Layer be your orchestration engine.

Erase personal data, wherever it lives.

Run precision erasure requests securely across your entire vendor stack, or connect custom workflow logic via webhooks.

Empower the individual.

Users trust companies that give them access to their data and are transparent on what they use personal data for.

Empower the enterprise

Companies want to give their users better privacy choices, but it's extremely difficult to do. So, we make it easy.