Say Goodbye to Uncontrolled Sensitive Data across the Cloud

What cloud services do you use to run your business? Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and other sensitive data may be ingested there at any time.
Finally, a tool to discover and manage sensitive data across your cloud stack.
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Data compliance and personal data leakage are not just challenges of large companies.

Organizations of all sizes have to deal with:

Data Breaches
Data Breaches
& Insider Threats
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Data Privacy Compliance (GDPR, CCPA, LGPD...)
Non-compliance with Customer Contracts & Security Reviews

Grow Your Business.

Let Query Layer protect and manage your most sensitive data.

Connect Query Layer safely with just a single click.

Wide range of connectors allow us to protect sensitive data whatever your cloud stack.
With token based access using OAuth 2.0 protocol you never have to share your credentials.
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We use Machine Learning to discover ingested data.

Query Layer scans for Sensitive Data and classifies it according to defined risk levels.
Hundreds of Predefined Data types enriched by Custom ones for your Industry or Business.
Our platform does not store any scanned Sensitive Data.

Focus on your business.

Let us take care of PII management. Use our predefined Data Protection Workflows and Alerts or create custom ones.

Receive Risk Mitigation Reports and visualize how efficient you and the business are at preventing Data Breaches.

Be efficient, be compliant, avoid the risk...

Start Protecting PII & and other sensitive data now.

Integrate our Detection Engine into any data pipeline using API

Show Query Layer to your Engineering Team

Add sensitive data management into your existing systems.
Discover PII in databases, custom applications and log files.
Use our API to support sensitive data anonymisation in ETL processes, data streaming or real-time interfaces.
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