The Best Companies Query Data without Compromising Privacy.

Sitting between your data and users of your data, Query Layer transforms queries (not data, we never see that!) to ensure they can access what they need. And nothing more.

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Write the Perfect Query. Every Time.

Sensitive data discovery

Automatically detect and classify personal information in real time instead of wasting months manually creating an inventory.

Privacy controls

Set rules to proactively block, hash, or route customer data to comply with your company’s privacy policy and requirements.

Write perfectly private queries. Every time.

Data queries are optimised to prevent exposure of sensitive data, auto-magically.

Policy Authoring Without Code

Allow anyone, of any technical skill, to understand, author, and enforce complex security and privacy controls on any data, without having to code.

Purpose-Based Controls

Limit data use to specific purposes, ensuring that specific datasets are accessed for the right reasons, a key component of regulations like the EU’s GDPR.

Data Catalog

Data users can discover and access data directly through Query Layer's data catalog.

50 +

Data Sources Supported

37 +

Detectable Personal Data Types

40 %

Reduction in Query Costs

12 +

Out-of-the-box data privacy policies

Step 1: Create Workspace

Workspace is a shared hub of data sources where team members can safely share sensitive data. Think Slack workspaces for data-sharing.

  • Secure space for any data sources you want to share.
  • SSO, access control and many other great features for enterprise-friendly workflow.
  • Secure space for accessing data for your organisation or team.
Create Workspace
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