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Your data. Your control.

QueryLayer's data platform is based on top of your existing database, using a secure connection to query your data warehouse directly.

Safely expose insights from your most sensitive datasets.

The most valuable datasets to your customers and partners are often the most sensitive, and therefore the hardest to safely bring to market.

Safely expose insights from your most sensitive datasets.

GDPR affects every company inside or outside the EU that wants to offer its services to clients located in Europe. That means both data controllers, legal persons such as a company, and data processors

No-code might change everything... if you can access the right data

Today, the world runs on code. Every text you send, every website you visit, every screen you swipe – it’s all driven by code. Code that only a fraction of the world can even understand. And that’s a problem.


It stands for General Data Protection Regulation but it's really about people. It's about the rights and freedoms of people. It's about processing of personal data, and it's about movement of personal data.

FAQ with our CEO

Every enterprise wants to leverage their data. But, governments want to regulate it and consumers want to protect it. These are at odds with one another. So we saw a need for a platform that could meet the needs of everyone.