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No-code might change everything... if you can access the right data

Today, the world runs on code. Every text you send, every website you visit, every screen you swipe – it’s all driven by code. Code that only a fraction of the world can even understand. And that’s a problem.

Imagine if only 1 out of every 400 people knew how to write. Think how many world-changing ideas would have never seen the light of day. We’d be stuck in the dark ages. And when it comes to software development … we kind of are.

So what if, you could create the next world-changing product, without writing a single line of code. That future is a possibility with the emergence of process automation technology. Companies like WorkFusion are part of this first wave.

These new tools allow any user to connect to any data and then automate the processes around that data. Users don't need to build an app to perform unique work flows, the tools do it for them. However, the catch is the data.

These tools need data. But the biggest challenge with the supply chain of data is not accessibility, it is time to data. Data value deteriorates over time. Therefore those who can access the data fastest win.

QueryLayer is positioning itself as an integral piece of the data supply chain by providing self-service data access across the enterprise and rapidly improving time-to-data.

That’s the future, and it’s going to change everything. Anyone can harness the power of software to build a product, or a business empire — without actually writing code.