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Safely expose insights from your most sensitive datasets.

The most valuable datasets to your customers and partners are often the most sensitive, and therefore the hardest to safely bring to market. Individuals increasingly expect their personal data be treated with the utmost care and respect, while also demanding innovative new services. Simply aggregating data does not guarantee that the private information of individuals is protected.

QueryLayer enables customers to build data-driven applications and dashboards through privacy-preserving APIs. These can be used to drive a variety of commercial offerings in reports, dashboards and interactive applications.

QueryLayer sits between data providers and applications powering a range of data products such as interactive visualisations, dashboards or reports. Your customers can safely drill down for more detail in multiple dimensions, for example based on demographic or behavioural information, while simultaneously preserving privacy.

The protections that QueryLayer provide give data-driven businesses the power to publish more data, make it available to more consumers, and use it to generate more revenue.