Data Map Reinvented

Forget about spreadsheets, missing data, and outdated RoPAs. Discover, classify, and govern personal data automatically.
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Sustainable Data Governance for everyone
Automated, compliant and accurate RoPAs
Actionable Map for privacy & security workflows
Real-time Data Map that meets Compliance, Engineering, and Security needs.
Forget about spreadsheets. Now RoPAs can be generated at any time with one click!
From now on, your Privacy Operations will always be up-to-date.
Data map help to generate ROPAs
Data map will allow
you to build privacy
workflows (DSRs)
Single Data Map between
Legal and Security Team for Privacy and Security Ops

Finally, a data map that represents your data stack in real time!

No more wasted time, inefficient surveys, or manual RoPA reviews

Let’s start with the right Automation Strategy

There are dozens of ways to automate your Data Map. QueryLayer helps you choose the one that works for you!

Cornerstone of your Privacy Operations

QueryLayer scans and discovers categories of individuals across your data stack to build compliant and efficient PrivacyOps.

Actionable Data Map insights

Build your compliance program around a reliable data map. Accelerate creation and maintenance of DPIAs and privacy policies.

Still creating your RoPAs manually?

Import your spreadsheet to our data map in seconds.

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