Scalable Privacy Compliance

In today’s data driven world, businesses need a sustainable and efficient process to service Privacy Requests.

As your business grows, so does the data you hold

Manual data subject request processes that used to be adequate become chaotic and error-prone as DSR numbers grow

Focus on scaling your business - let us handle your data requests

Remove the guesswork and provide the well managed and efficient system both consumers and regulators expect

Our Privacy Workflow Platform for cross-functional teams automates and manages data requests end-to-end, saving your organisation time, money, and resources

Multichannel DSR Intake

  • Consolidate all request channels to one repository
  • Reduce human error by ensuring every DSR is processed
  • Properly route request notifications and begin fulfilment process

Streamline Identity Verification and Pre-execution Checks

  • Automate the authentication  process to ensure request validity
  • Save resources by identifying duplicate requests
  • Auto-delete sensitive data according to retention policies

Simplify Process Management

  • Easy to use interface that can be utilised across departments
  • Automate and monitor DSR task assignments and processing
  • Integrate platform into existing communication tools

Monitor DSR Efficiency

  • Ensure data processing times are within regulations
  • Identify manual bottlenecks and easily add additional automation
  • Save time, money and resources by reducing manual labor

Build Trust With Consumers

  • Provide customers with a one-click experience to access their data
  • Build a custom widget adding functionality and value for consumers
  • Data requests are provided in one easy to understand report

Want to see QueryLayer’s Privacy Workflow Platform in action?