Build efficient privacy operations that scale with your business.

Finally, a compliance tool designed for both Legal and Engineering teams.
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The World's First Privacy
Collaboration Platform


Set up Privacy Workflows in minutes.

Leverage predefined workflows for Privacy Requests (DSRs), Marketing Preferences, and other Privacy Operations.

Communicate with Stakeholders efficiently

Add communication layer to your workflows. Use existing channels and tools to collaborate with Engineering, Application Owners, and Customer Support.

Use Pre-built Connectors and Custom Automations

Automate Erasure and Access requests, as well as account deletion, using our secure, privacy-by-design SaaS Connectors. Leverage our Privacy Engineering Toolkit for custom integrations.

Leverage Smart Templates to design new workflows.

Our templates analyse information defined in your data map and build contextualised workflows adapted to your organisation.

Automated Maintenance of your Privacy Workflows

All changes in your Data Map are automatically reflected in your privacy workflows.

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