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Catalog, discover and share data

Data users can discover and access data directly through Query Layer's data catalog. For any data source, they can curate metadata, understand lineage, view what policies are applied and why, and share their queries.

Any Tool, Any Language. Through Query Layer SQL, data users can continue to use their tool of choice to access any underlying storage technology.

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Intuitive Policy Authoring Without Code

Query Layer's intuitive policy builder lets you author policies in plain English, without code. This means that all stakeholders — not just system and database admins — can write policies consistently across any data.

Limit data use to specific purposes, ensuring that specific datasets are accessed for the right reasons, a key component of regulations like the EU’s GDPR. Combine purpose-based, role-based, and attribute-based controls to enforce who uses what data and why.

Powerful in-built data exploration tools

Visualize your data on dashboards. Always see the big, easy to digest picture for deeper understanding and better decision making.

Enjoy the power and comfort of a SQL client with the collaborative advantages of a cloud based service.

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Create your dynamic data inventory in minutes

Say goodbye to manual surveys and outdated inventories. With Query Layer, you can automatically detect and classify personal information or PII to create a dynamic data inventory for your Query Layer data .

Each data point is matched against common PII fields and assigned a risk-based classification of red, yellow, or green.

Manage your risk exposure

Don’t want your team collecting passwords or credit card numbers? Query Layer makes it easy to proactively enforce your company’s data privacy policies.

Set rules to automatically block restricted personal data from being collected or hash personal information before it is sent to your marketing and analytics tools.

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Streamline your regulatory compliance

Accelerate compliance with regulations like the GDPR and the CCPA.

With a single point-of-access for your data, you can establish a robust data governance infrastructure, giving everyone within your company the ability to answer their own questions, while keeping data sprawl to a minimum and access to sensitive information restricted.

Designed for all stages of the data sharing lifecycle

Many more great features

With support for everything you would except from an enterprise cloud tool:

  • SSO and access control for enterprise-friendly workflow.
  • Access via API to extend functionality.
  • Alerts and data event notifications.
  • SQL, NoSQL, Big Data and API data sources
  • Easily share queries and visualizations in Slack.
  • Share Dashboard with a single click
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Start today with the API for data privacy.

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